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Welcome to Ottawa's Best Men's 40+ Rec Soccer League!
Historic Franchise First Goals (2016) PDF Print E-mail
They placed their teams on their backs with Auston Matthews-like league debuts!
They made clear statements to their rivals that they would not be denied!
The gratitude of their teammates is such that they will never again have to pay for a single beer at Connors pub!
They are...the historic first goal scorers for their respective franchises, and they are GGSL legends!
 Franchise First Goals
        Franchise            First Goal Scorer     
  Ajax   Ajax 1   Stan "Jasic Park" Jasic  
  Dortmund II   BVB Dortmund II GGSL   Nuel Andre  
  Los Mariachis Locos   Los Mariachis Locos Logo   Steve "You'll Never Walk Alone" Hearth   
  Reds   Reds   Duane "Field Goal" Francis  
Final Countdown to 10th Anniversary GGSL Season! PDF Print E-mail

Rocket 2016

The GGSL is readying for the launch of it's 10th anniversary season!

Managers are putting the final touches on the rosters.
The propellant tanks have been pressurized.
The schedule is being finalized.
The engine tests are complete.
The website is being readied.
The flight computers are operational.
Referee assignments are in place.

All systems are go for Friday, Oct 7th.

Join us at the Hornet's Nest Superdome for another successful launch!

Three, two, one... 

Gloucester Celtic off to National Championships and need your help! PDF Print E-mail

Celtic to Newfoundland for Nationals

An amazing accomplishment by the Gloucester Celtic men's premier team who recently won the Ontario Cup men's final and will be off to compete in the National Championships!  The Nationals are in Newfoundland this year and the team needs to raise funds for their trip.  They are looking for any monetary donations from the soccer community to help soften the financial blow.  It is expensive to fly the team to Newfoundland, lodge them, take time off work etc.  As noted by the GGSL's Ron Palaczka: 

I know most of these guys personally and they couldn't be more deserving.  Great group of young men.  Every little bit counts, even $ all adds up.   Please click on the link below to get more information and to make a donation if you are in the position to do so.  I know it would mean so much to each one of these guys.  Also, please pass on the word to anyone else in the soccer community that I may have missed.  On behalf of the team, thank you!
Let's Celebrate! PDF Print E-mail
Celebrate 2 Spring 2016 Party
They said it couldn't be done, but the GGSL added 6 new teams in 2015-16 operating in 3 divisions - let's celebrate another great season of teamwork, exercise, competition, and time with old (and new) friends!
The festivities start pronto after the 10:00 games at Connors Pub.  2401 St. Joseph Blvd (near St. Joseph & Orleans Blvd).  Don't miss the Spring trophy presentations.  Lots of free food and doorprizes compliments of the GGSL and Connors Pub.  One lucky GGSL'er will walk away with a flatscreen television! 
GGSL Year End Party - Friday, May 6, 2016
GGSL Soccer
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