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A large contingent of GGSL’ers sweep in on Vegas the weekend of Jan 16-17 for a couple of international soccer tournaments!  Most of the gang are attending the Friendship Sports Soccer Tournament.  The roster includes Gunners' Dave Waldrum, Ian Lawrence, Pat Boyle, Steph Cinnani, Steve Broad & Ron Palaczka, Spurs' Pierre Goulet, Mark McCabe, Joe Bhegani, Bernie Vaz, Gerald Gaudet & Eric Puig, as well as Brian Elliott (Man U), Erick Alvarado (Dragons Fire), and Chris Alain (Galaxy).
In order to not ruin the event for the others, Gunners Dom Rochon and Frank Zegers have been asked to participate in an alternate tournament on the other side of town, the King Cup.
In addition to the soccer, the nightlife and time at the casinos, the boys’ tour package includes tickets to Celine Dion’s fabulous show at Caesars Palace.  With all this in store, we're betting that they will have a memorable trip.  Good luck guys!
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We all know the GGSL is first and foremost about teamwork, but of course there are some amazing individual offensive talents deserving of recognition.  Chris Tuck joined this elite group on Friday, Dec 11th when his Man United squad squared off against Orange Crush and Chris notched his 100th GGSL goal.  As is customary, he did it in style with his milestone marker also completing his hat-trick.  Chris becomes just the 9th GGSL player in history to reach the 100 goal plateau, and only the 3rd to accomplish it for just one team.  Not too shabby for the scrawny kid who joined Man United 7 years ago just wanting to play with a big brother who he idolizes (Peter).  Despite Chris' lofty scoring totals, he is more a playmaker than a one-dimensional shooter.  His vision and unselfishness on the field has led to countless goals for his Man United teammates.  Not to mention his tireless work on the defensive side of the ball! 
Congratulations Chris on your achievement - we know you will continue to victimize GGSL defenders with your quick feet (and victimize your teammates with your quick wit)!
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Fyi, to replace the season opening game (cancelled due to the turf installation), the league will add an additional game on Fri, May 13th.  While some players will unfortunately be out-of-town for tournament play, other replacement dates proved logistically impossible. The game will not be considered part of the regular Spring season (which will conclude May 6th). For this one Matchday, teams will feature players drawn from rival squads for a fun wrap-up to the year.

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Green Card

The managers’ reviewed the current state of player discipline during their mid-season (Nov 13th) meeting.  They noted the league is more competitive than ever, and most of the games have been played at a high level with players respecting each other and the referees.  The key word is mostimprovement is still needed!  Before implementing more drastic action, the managers’ demand that all players hold themselves accountable for their actions.

Our league is unique in that it is a gentlemen's league and players are held to a higher standard!

1)  Have a mindset to compete & have fun, but don't be responsible for injuring those who want to do the same!  We all have to work on Monday.
2)  Verbal or physical abuse, whether directed at referees, opponents, or teammates, is not permitted - we do not consider this behaviour “part of the game.”
3)  You can’t collide recklessly with another player just because you “got the ball.”
4)  Impeding and blocking fouls are not permitted and not sporting behaviour.
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