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Teams & Rosters
Ajax Ajax 1 It is your call whether they are named for the famous Dutch side renowned for the "total football" revolution in the 1970's with legendary players such as Johan Cruyff, OR for the Ajax toilet bowl cleaner.  This 2016/17 expansion team lead by manager Mark SImonson is looking to make a statement in the GGSL's tough "A" Division.    Team Info Roster
Atletico 800px-Atletico Madrid logo What more can be said about a team originally named after a film starring delinquent socio-paths? Well, quite a bit. An original GGSL team, they operated under the name "Clockwork Orange" and dominated the early seasons of the league in a cooperative arrangement with sister team "Clockwork Orange: The Sequel" which ended in Nov, 2008. They assumed their current "Atletico" name for the start of the 2015/16 season. Team Info Roster
fc-bayern-muenchen-logo Manager Che Corkum will attempt to replicate the legendary exploits of father Keith by leading this 2015/16 "A" division expansion side. The team core is drawn from the Orange Crush & Dragon Fire players who remained in the "A" division when the two teams transferred to "B".


Team Info  Roster
Boca Seniors boca seniors This bad ass team is best described by two words - "bad" and "ass"! Assembled on an emergency basis after the shocking collapse of the "Grateful Dead Legs" prior to the 2011/12 season, they have consistently challenged for the top under the watchful eye of crafty  manager Khima Reyal (known as "The Sam Pollack of the GGSL"). Team Info Roster

Operations suspended for 2016/17


Celtic Teams will have to rely on quickness & skill to beat this physically imposing Masters 2015/16 expansion team led by manager Ben Cornick. Their adage: "If you can't beat us in the alley, you can't beat us on the pitch!"


Team Info Roster 

Operations suspended for 2016/17


 BVB Dortmund GGSL The up-tempo game of their name-sake Bundesliga cousins may be lacking, but this GGSL side will hope to benefit from the experience and smarts of no less than 3 current GGSL managers (Pfahl, Corkum, McGuire) when they begin the inaugural 2015/16 Masters season.
Team Info Roster 
Dortmund II BVB Dortmund II GGSL  Despite the hiatus of the Master's Division, the eye-catching colours of Dortmund will live on in the GGSL in 2016/17 courtesy of Manager Marcel Chbat's expansion team. Their chances for silverware in the B Division are aided considerably given that arch-rivals Bayern play in the A tier! Team Info Roster
Dragons Fire Dragons Fire 1 The heritage of this team stems from Gloucester Dragon volunteers who were determined to show what they could do on the pitch and not just off it. Joining the league in its 2nd year as an expansion team, they suffered competitively through their first seasons, but this trial by fire forged a group now stronger than ever! The Dragons joined the B division for the 2015/16 campaign. Team Info Roster
Eagles Eagles This Eurasian grab bag team led by Ismail Latifi is looking forward to accepting challenges and giving back incredible performances as they embark on their 2nd season in the GGSL and the first in the "B" Division. Their great technique on the ball can be attributed in part to their time as a Futsal team.    Team Info Roster


Prior Name -See Manchester City

Galaxy Icon This team had a history of name changes from the original "Golden Warriors", to the short-lived "U.N. Warriors". The "Galaxy" tag best fit a squad that at the time featured some of the most talented star players to ever play in the GGSL. Galaxy holds the record for the longest uninterrupted stretch in the GGSL's top tier (9/9 seasons as of 2015/16).  Team Info Roster
Gunners logo fc gunners The Gunners joined the GGSL's "A" division for the 2014/15 season under manager Ron Palaczka with a very deep and talented squad. They promptly won the league treble (Fall, Shield, Spring) in their first season! #YaGoonersYa 


Team Info Roster

Operations suspended for 2016/17


Highlanders Icon This squad has played together for many years in the RA league, and now bring their cohesion & smarts to the GGSL under manager Rob Macfarlane for their expansion 2015/16 season in the Masters division.



Team Info Roster
Los Mariachis Locos Los Mariachis Locos Logo Manager Miguel Palomino's expansion squad enters the B Division for the 2016/17 season. The team name pays homage to a traditional music style that is recognized by the U.N. as part of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" of Mexico. Safe to say that the team's soccer skills won't attract similar worldwide recognition! Team Info Roster
Manchester City Manchester City The Mancity franchise record stretch of consecutive seasons in the top flight ended in 2016/17 when the squad joined the B division.  The team had been in the GGSL's top tier for all 9 of the previous seasons (2007/08 - 2015/16).  Previously known as Galaxy, U.N. Warriors and Golden Warriors. Team Info Roster
Man United manchester united logo One of the GGSL's legendary "Original Eight", this team is the only one actually pre-dating the GGSL and continuously bearing the same name (opening play as an expansion franchise in the 2004/2005 Gloucester Hornets Indoor Soccer League). Man U has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a clean & stylish (if aging) GGSL squad. Team Info Roster

Franchise suspended for 2016/17

Model "T" Strikers

Ford-Model-T-Speedster-1915 Khima Reyal may be used to the latest & greatest models at Campbell Ford, but now he and co-manager Gerry Lecuyer get to try the used car business. This bunch of re-treads will form an original team in the inaugural season of the GGSL's Masters division.


Team Info Roster
Orange Crush Orange Crush An original GGSL team, they operated under the name "Clockwork Orange: The Sequel" and dominated the early seasons of the league in a cooperative arrangement with sister team "Clockwork Orange". This ended in Nov, 2008 when they assumed their current name. The Soda Pops joined the B division in 2015/16. Sometimes fizzy, sometimes flat, the team can always be counted on to be orangey! Team Info Roster
Pele Proteges Pele Proteges While noticeably lacking the flare of their Brazilian namesake, Pele's has always been a standup GGSL franchise, with a history of upholding the ideals of the league whether they were looking down from the top or up from the bottom. This "Original Eight" team was originally formed from the surplus talent of the now defunct Grateful Deal Legs. Team Info Roster
Reds Reds Well, no one was initially happy with the "RedBlacks" nickname either, but it grew on people. Such is the hope for the "Reds", the 2016/17 "A" Division expansion side under the tutelage of Jose Mosquera. Who knows, a little bit of the Liverpool mystique may rub off on the lads. Team Info Roster
Spurs Spurs Logo Joined the GGSL for the 2014/15 season as an "A" expansion squad under manager (and comedic genius) Bernie Vaz. This team has proved to always be what you would call a "tough out".


Team Info Roster
Thee Olde Boys OldeBoys logo Affectionately known as "The Geezers", this team is guided by Manager Earl McGuire's famous commandments - a strict set of rules governing player behaviour. The rules focus on apres-soccer conduct with little guidance about the play on the pitch. Consequently, while this original GGSL team is a force to be reckoned with at Connors Pub, the same cannot be said at the dome! Team Info Roster

Revoked Franchise

Grateful Dead Legs 

Grateful Dead Legs Icon The hipsters favorite, the 'Legs were an exhilarating offensive powerhouse, winning no less than 6 titles including the league's first treble in 2010/11 (their haul would have been even greater if not for the upsets suffered against their bogey team - Man U). However team management didn't have the talent & ambition to match the on-field product.  Sadly, this "Original Eight" outfit folded with barely a whimper prior to 2011/12.  N/A  N/A

Revoked Franchise

NDHQ Stingers 

 Stingers The NDHQ Stingers drew from the military community and featured in the 1st year of the GGSL. Unfortunately it became apparent that their "take no prisoners" approach and disregard for the Geneva Convention made them a poor fit. They reconnoitered another combat theatre, withdrawing from the league under covering sniper fire after the 2007/08 campaign, leaving the dome heavily mined and booby-trapped.  N/A  N/A

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