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Baseball may have the legend of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, but now the GGSL can match it with the legend of "Shoeless" Iain McDougall"!  During Thee Olde Boys' game against Man United, Iain received a pass at center while being marked by "Ragin' Ray" Ridgway.  The marking was very tight.  How tight you ask?  Well, so tight that Ray was standing directly on Iain's foot.  As Iain spun away one of his cleats flew off, but he wasn't detered for a second!  He dribbled expertly with his one cleated foot and one socked foot as he broke for the Man U net.  As he approached the box he let fly with a shot that anyone would be envious of, especially when you consider it flew from a foot that didn't have a soccer cleat on it!
Great goal Iain!  Just make sure you don't emulate "Shoeless Joe" in any other respects.  For example, "fixing" GGSL games will earn you a swift lifetime ban, just like poor old Joe!

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